3D Moon Lamp

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Do you want a special gift for home?

This lamp is exactly the right thing for you.
It consists of a 3D moon that floats above a base through magnetic levitations and spins smoothly indefinitely.
It will make your home look very fashionable and create a pleasant mood.

EYE catcher for your room

Add a touch of mood to the room when watching some of your favorite movies with your family or friends.
You can put it in any room, be it living room, bedroom or in office.


The floating moon lamp is much more economical and consumes less power than other conventional lights.
With the built-in LED light you will feel like on the moon

3D Moon

The design is made to look like the real moon. With the built-in LED light, you can clearly see the craters on the lamp and it floats stably due to the magnets.


Our base is a highly technical masterpiece with a unique design.
It is made of resin and a natural material, so the square shape fits the moon perfectly.
It has a power supply in the back, the magnetic field in the middle of the surface and the power button in the front


This is where the magic happens.
Our specially shaped magnet pushes against the electromagnetic base on the surface , causing the moon to float in the air and your moon lamp to rise to a new dimension


1. plug in the attached cable

2. place moon over the base

3. turn on the light with the touch-sensitive power button to turn on

"That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind"

A unique piece what you can not forget so quickly.
Surprise your friends and family with a "living" decoration, be it for a birthday, anniversary or when moving in for the new home.

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Color White
Light source type LED
Power supply and plug type US 12V DC 
Material ABS + PLA
Switch type

Touch switch

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Monte Di cherry

My 10 year old grandson really likes this. I found balancing the moon to be a little tricky but he has no trouble at all.


This is one of the coolest night lights ever! It is very easy to setup, the hardest part is getting it to land right on the hovering magnets. Once you do it not only spins gently, but has multiple light settings that you can choose from. Very solid and well made with great quality material. good price and makes an awesome gift idea, Highly Recommend.

Iubrid Joo

Spherical like the moon. Has a stand to put the moon on. Comes with a remote to change the color of the light and a wall charger to charge the moon.
Bought it for my sons room but my hubby loved it so much, it's sitting on his night stand. Kiddo got a different night light lol. He keeps it plugged in most of the time. It's been on now for a few months. Still going strong.

Charles Rice

This is my second moon (the new version 16 colors moon with wall adapter). I already have one old version two colors moon. Compared with the old version, here are advantages of the new version one. Came with an adapter, so i can plug it into the wall to charge instead of using my computer. It is more convenient. It can stay on while charging. The old one doesn't hold charge long, it will stay on 2-3 hours then cut off. So i can't use it at midnight. Now i can plug it into the wall and let it lit up all night. Now i never get scared by nightnares with the moon. There are so many light changing options and colors. I like changing the colors to match my mood that day. The remote worked fine. And what impressed me most is slap control. You don't need to find and touch charging port to change color. Just by slapping the any part of the lamp, it will change color. It's so cool. I'm satisfied with purchase.


I seldom leave many reviews but i have to for this one. It caught everyone's eye and attention after I placed on the table and makes the place into my favorite corner. It takes some practice to set it on the base at first, but once you get it, it should be a piece of cake. Great product, beautiful light . I definitely love it.

Can you leave them on permanently?

Yes, you can leave it on permanently.

What is the diameter of the moon and the size of the plate on which it floats ?

Lunalamp has a diameter of 15 cm and the plate is 15 cm x 15 cm (L x W).

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