SilverHolder™ Moon Projector

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Do you want a special gift for home?

Romantic time

In the occasion of the setting moon rising, watch a movie with your loved ones, relax your tired body, and enjoy your time as a couple.

EYE catcher for your room

Add a touch of mood to the room when watching some of your favorite movies with your family or friends. You can put it in any room, be it living room, bedroom or in office.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams

The moon lamp will projects the entire moon on the wall with warm yellow light. You can fall asleep with the moonlight in the silent night, make you sleep well at all night.

Any Time Anywhere to Take Pictures

This moon projection lamp can give you a romantic background, allowing you to take pictures beautifully at home, in a hotel, traveling, at school, or in a company,find moon background, giving you a wonderful visual impact.

360 Degree Rotation

Different from the general 90 degree rotation, the moon projetctor head can be rotated 180 degrees. The greater the distance, the greater the projection of moon onto the wall or ceiling.

The Best Gift Choice

Moon projector lamp is built with a durable metal pole and stable base. Energy-saving with a high-quality LED for a longer lifespan. A perfect gift for kids, parents, and friends when Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


1. plug in the attached cable

2. place moon over the base

3. turn on the light with the touch-sensitive power button to turn on

A unique piece what you can not forget so quickly.
Surprise your friends and family with a "living"decoration, be it for a birthday, anniversary or when moving in for the new home.

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1.How to use this sunset projection lamp?

Simply switch on the moon projection Lamp and face it towards a wall, ceiling, floor, or any other surface. Adjusting the angle and/or rotation of the lamp’s head, as well as moving it closer or farther from the projected surface, will create vivid, artistic shapes and special vibes to compliment your home decor and provide soothing light for relaxation and recuperation.

2.what you guys normally use this led sunset lamp for?

This moon projection Lamp especially can be used as photo pros to make pretty ins style photos, night light for kids' room, home decor, ect...

3.Is this sunset lamp suitable for vlog and selfie?

We highly recommend it! The photos are beautiful. You can get a lot of praise when you put them on social networking sites.

4.How do we adjust the sizes and shapes of the sunset light?

By adjusting the angle and distance of the lamp holder. The greater the distance is, the greater the shadow. The sunset light will be cast on the wall or ceiling.

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