Installing the the Auto interior ambient lighting is very simple and requires only three steps.

  1. Installation of optic cable
  2. Connect the power supply
  3. [Optional] Connect car fuse box ACC

👉 1.Installation of optic cable
👉 2.Connect the power supply

How to install OPTIC CABLE & Connect the cigarette lighter

👉 3.[Optional] Connect car fuse box ACC

You can take ACC electricity in the car fuse box. This way you don’t have to use the cigarette lighter, so there are no bare wires out in the open

If you want to light up 4 doors. Then you need 4 additional light sources and 5M/16Ft of optical fiber.

You can place the light source inside the car door and take the power directly in the door.

(Need to remove the door panel ! let the auto repair shop to help you finish)

5m/16ft Optical Fiber


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Additional Light Sources 1pc


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